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Written by Krysta Smith, wife of Bryan Smith and Marketing Director of BP Smith Construction

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“If I’d been let go from Pringle [Developement] during the crash we probably wouldn’t be sitting here right now having this conversation or doing this job now. I had friends that taught me things, knowing they would be let go and other friends higher up who were fighting for me. ”

Bryan Smith, Owner/Builder, BP Smith Construction

Bryan gained a sense of loyalty in return to those people and this industry. Homebuilders in Lake County FL have been a community for my husband, who didn’t know anyone except his grandparents when he moved here almost 18 years ago. 2009 meant we were struggling to make ends meet, but if Bryan knew more, he’d survive this scary time. He worked closely with people in other departments to learn all aspects of the company. We sacrificed to pay for Bryan’s contractor books. He spent nights and weekends studying to get his license. This was Bryan’s backup plan (if all else failed, he could start his own company). Bryan worked harder, the economy improved, he moved up and eventually left Pringle to follow Joe Ziler to Kevco as the Director of Operations. While Bryan was at Kevco, he fell in love with remodeling. After the crash, all these houses sat empty, people were starting to buy them, and he could help them fix what was broken. By this time Bryan had his license for years (and was also licensed in TN)

Success for Kevco meant, they were too busy building beautiful new custom homes to continue focusing on remodels. Bryan was almost heartbroken, but he saw an opportunity and decided he’d start his own company. BP Smith Construction was born.

I remember Bryan coming home one day saying he had talked to Joe about the business. Joe had tried to convince Bryan that owning his own company would be stressful and a lot of hard work for someone with three kids. Joe was right, it is a lot of work, and it is stressful, but it’s also the single best decision Bryan has ever made (besides marrying me)

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