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Written by Krysta Smith, wife of Bryan Smith and Marketing Director of BP Smith Construction

Home Maintenance
Bryan and Krysta

The start of the new year is a great time to start new habits… Like me, for example, I’m committing to writing this blog every month until I feel our followers know everything there is to know about homeownership…

So forever, basically!

Because as products change, this blog will evolve.

To start, we want to help all of you start a new habit of your own. An essential one: monthly home maintenance.
At the end of this blog, you can download a printable home maintenance calendar. All of the items in the calendar are necessary, and most of you never do them…

Yikes! Right?

So let’s get started. Take time to notice the monthly to do’s, which are marked on Saturdays throughout the month. These items include testing smoke & carbon monoxide detectors. Also cleaning the filter in your range hood, which should be part of a monthly deep clean of your kitchen.

On each month, there are additional maintenance items in bullet points to the side. Examples of these include cleaning your drains (especially in your tubs/showers) and your garbage disposal.

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