Phases of New Construction

Written by Krysta Smith, wife of Bryan Smith and Marketing Director of BP Smith Construction

There are steps to making a box of Macaroni and Cheese and there are steps to building a house. This is not every single step, this is not how everyone does it. this is a basic idea of what gets done when.

Site work

1. Site Work: land clearing, surveys, fill dirt, stem walls, pad, form boards, underground electrical and plumbing, drill well (this can be done later)


2. Dry-In: slab, block, trusses, windows, doors, framing

House upgraded with spray foam installation

3. Rough-In: plumbing, electrical, HVAC, insulation,

Kitchen cabinets and countertops installed

4. Interior Finishing: drywall, flooring, paint, trim, cabinets, tile, additional plumbing (i.e., toilets installed)

Siding, stucco, and stonework

5. Exterior Finishing: simultaneous to phase 4. siding/stucco, paint, soffit and fascia, stonework, trim (shutters, decorative, etc.) septic (if needed) sidewalks, driveway, landscaping

Light Fixtures installed

6. Trim Out: lighting and plumbing fixtures installed,

Then after a final inspection and any punch out items, it’s time to move in! Yay!!!

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